Statement on 120 roll film Posted On 2nd March 2020 To News & Products

Over the last couple of months, we have noticed an increased number of customers posting their concerns on forums and social media channels relating to our 120 roll films in which spots / mottle have appeared on the negatives.
We pride ourselves on our high quality and consistent production and want to assure you that this issue is being fully investigated as a matter of priority. We appreciate this will be of little comfort to those who have experienced the issue and for that we offer our sincerest apologies.
Over the last 18 months, to the end of February 2020, direct complaints submitted to us relating to spots / mottle account for less than 1.5 complaints for every 10,000 rolls of 120 film we have produced. These have also been seen primarily, but not exclusively, in our slower speed films such as PAN F.
However, we appreciate that there are photographers out there who may have experienced this and have not contacted us. In order to build up an accurate understanding of how and why this is happening, and tackle this as quickly as possible, we request that anyone who has experienced this issue to contact us directly using this form:
We will be replacing any film that is shown to have been affected and communicated to us through this route. Note: we will require your address, as much detail about the film as possible and an image of the affected negative showing the 4-digit code on the edge signing.
Investigations are already underway and early findings show that the issue is significantly influenced by external factors such as humidity, temperature and film age. To minimise the risk of any issues we always advise the following:

  • Storage: Our films should be stored below 20C / 68F as shown on the bottom of each box. It is important to avoid extreme high temperatures, humidity or fluctuating temperatures.
  • Time: All films have an expiry date which is also printed on the bottom of each box at the time of manufacture. We recommend processing before that date and as soon as possible after shooting.

While we continue our investigations, we are reviewing our humidity controls in manufacturing and are working with our supply chain (channels to market) to ensure the films reach you in the best possible condition. With that in mind, we also recommend purchasing from trusted retailers.
Please note that this does not affect our 135 (35mm) or sheet film products. 
Once again, we offer our sincerest apologies to anyone who has been affected and thank you for continued trust in ILFORD products and your ongoing support and patience while we resolve this issue.



HARMAN Technology 社はイルフォードフォトの120(ブローニー)フィルムの斑点の発生についての投稿がフォーラムやソーシャルメディアに増えていることに気付きました。
この事象に遭われたお客様には深くお詫び申し上げます。HARMAN Technology 社はこの事象がなぜ、どのように起こってしまうのかを正確に理解し、できるだけ早く解決しようとしています。つきましては万が一この事象を経験した方は以下のフォームを使用して直接、HARMAN Technology 社へご連絡をお願い致します。
このルートを通じて必要な情報を連絡し、本事象の発生が確認された場合はHARMAN Technology 社から代替の同等品フィルムが届けられます。
•保管:フィルムは、各外箱の下部に示すように、20℃ 未満で保管する必要があります。極端な高温、多湿、または温度の変動を避けることが重要です。
弊社は 製造時から温湿度管理を徹底し、お客様へ、フィルムが可能な限り最良の状態で届くようにしております。
改めて、この事象の発生に遭われたすべてのお客様に心からお詫び申し上げますとともに、ILFORD PHOTO製品に対する引き続いての信頼とサポートをお願いします。